Monday, June 15, 2009

where is the 9th ward?

The 9th Ward is a large geographic area of New Orleans -- the largest of the 17 wards of the city. It technically includes various historic downtown neighborhoods; parts of Gentilly including the city's first black planned neighborhood, Pontchartrain park; and all of New Orleans East, a large, diverse area that includes white, black, and Vietnamese neighborhoods. However, for the purposes of Dogs of the 9th Ward, we consider our target area to be limited to those areas that traditionally have considered to be "the 9th Ward" by residents (folks in Pontchartrain Park or the East, for example, would not say they are from the 9th Ward). The 9th Ward, as Dogs of the 9th Ward understands it, is made up of the following distinct neighborhoods (in alphabetical order):
  • Bywater
  • Desire
  • Florida
  • Holy Cross
  • The Lower 9th Ward
  • St. Claude
We serve each of these neighborhoods, and hopefully will be able to develop programming in all of them as we move forward.'

The geographic boundaries of the entire area are, roughly:
  • The Franklin Avenue/Almonaster/Peoples corridor on the uptown (east) side
  • The Industrial Canal and Delery Street downtown (west)
  • The Mississippi River
  • Chef Menteur Highway and Florida Avenue on the lakeside (north)
The picture below is of a pack of stray dogs living in the abandoned Florida Housing Development in the Florida Area.

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