Monday, June 15, 2009

who we are

Dogs of the 9th Ward is an all-volunteer rescue group. We rely entirely on donations to continue our work. All of us either have full-time jobs or are full-time students.

Michelle Icahn is our Media Coordinator. Michelle is a photographer who takes all the beautiful pictures of our adoptable dogs. Michelle is a Tulane graduate who lives in the Irish Channel and owns and loves a pit bull (and D9 alum!) Mae (formerly Amber).

Margaret Davidson is our Adoption Day Coordinator. Margaret coordinates our monthly adoption days at the Freret Market as well as helping out with all aspects of the rescue. Margaret teaches in Gentilly and is a resident of the Bywater area of the 9th Ward.

Lisa Scalzitti and Jay Burrus are D9 fosters and dog care volunteers. They also help with outreach and general coordination and are involved in launching new initiatives to get more of our dogs adopted to loving homes. They share their home with many rescued animals in the 9th Ward.

Carolyn Marsden assists with the care and socialization of our dogs. She shares her home with a rescued pit bull and is pursing a graduate degree and Tulane.

Kelly Gaus is our founder and director. She shares her home with a raucous bunch of dogs in the Florida Area of the 9th Ward and is in her second year of law school at Tulane.

Kelly and Pauline, photo courtesy of the Times-Picayune


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  2. Hi Kelly,

    Former rescuer and NOLA resident. I am coming to visit in Dec. and was going to try and get some donations for you, I have a few questions. Can you contact me please?



  3. Kelly - how can I help you set up a PayPal account? I'm pretty positive that will increase donations if people can do it instantly as they're reading your blog. Let me know and I'll do it for you.

  4. just wanted to say i love your cause! I am 26 and hope one day to have my own dog rescue center in NOLA..i have been here all of my life, but did not see you until i saw you on my new favorite show pitbull and parolees! You are doing a wonderful thing, and i thank you! I will be happy to try and get involved as well as get donations!

  5. kelly, the new additions to the site are fantastic! i love the woadie line of products. i saw the trailer for the movie as well. very exciting. if my dream of moving back to nola comes true, i would love nothing more than to help dogs of the 9th ward.

  6. It's a gorgeous thing you're doing for the New Orleans area dogs. Keep up the good work, we appreciate it.