Sunday, June 28, 2009

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animal adoptions and rescue in the New Orleans area:

Animal Rescue New Orleans -- The New Orleans area's ONLY no-kill shelter; if you are looking for a dog or cat, D9 strongly urges you to visit ARNO and see if your best friend might be waiting there.

Vet Adoptions
-- This organization rescues dogs and cats across the New Orleans metro area and places them with participating veterinary clinics until they find forever homes. Also help educate the public in responsible and humane animal ownership.

St. Roch Gardens & Animal Sanctuary
-- This sanctuary on the Northshore is home to many rescued animals (dogs, cats, birds, snakes, goats, etc!), and is very active in the rescue community, with at-risk dogs for adoption.

veterinary care

Prytania Veterinary Hospital -- Wonderful, caring, and very high-quality veterinary care in uptown New Orleans. Prytania cares for all the 9th Ward dogs and is very highly recommended to all New Orleans area dog and cat owners.

Spay NOLA -- A program of Southern Animal Foundation, this program provides low cost spay/neuter servies for dogs and cats. Appoitments are required, see their website for details.

pet supplies

J-B Wholesale -- An excellent source for high-quality, economy-priced supplies for dogs, cats, horses, and more.


Pit Bull Rescue Central -- Amazing information about the pit bull breed, pit bull ownership, and dog adoption/ownership in general. Also a possible source of funding for veterinary care for pit bulls in need.

Bad Rap -- Another pit-bull related resource, but much of what is there could apply to other breeds as well. -- A nationwide, invaluable resource if you're looking to adopt a dog, cat, horse, or other animal.

about the 9th Ward of New Orleans

Greater New Orleans Community Data Center -- Great, detailed, and well-researched history and profiles of all the 9th Ward neighborhoods (pre-Katrina), as well as updates on post-Katrina recovery. This site is also a great resource for all of the other neighborhoods of New Orleans.

9th Ward Field of Dreams -- A great initiative, raising funds for a new sports field.

Photos of the Florida Area of New Orleans -- The Florida Area, an historic neighborhood in the upper 9th Ward (and my home), is still ravaged nearly 4 years after Hurricane Katrina.

Poland Avenue -- in the 9th Ward, looking beautiful in the snow! (December, 2008)

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