Tuesday, June 30, 2009

9th ward dogs' wish list!

Dogs of the 9th Ward is funded entirely by private donations. I always need and deeply, deeply appreciate cash donations, which can be made directly to my vet, Prytania Veterinary Hospital, and 4709 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA 70115, or by phone at 504.899.2828.

In addition, I am always seeking donations of supplies of any kind. If you have old, unused dog supplies laying around, I can definitely put them to good use! Otherwise, donated gift cards to a pet store are very greatly appreciated, or you can buy items and I will pick them up within the New Orleans metro area. I also really like J-B Wholesale Pet Supplies online (cheap and high quality!). I can't tell you how much I -- and the dogs -- appreciate your generosity!

Please note that I am always happy to accept used items as long as they are in serviceable condition. Every collar, etc, that I don't have to buy is more money for vet bills!

These are items I need especially:
  • Dog food and puppy food: preferred brand is Science Diet, both canned and dry, preferably large breed*
  • medium-large dog crates of any sort -- always greatly appreciated!
  • toys! any type is always great (pits in particular are HARD players)
  • Gentle Leader head collars or equivalent (from Halti brand, etc), esp. for medium-large dogs
  • Easy Walker harness from Gentle Leader, especially for medium-large dogs
  • flea preventative: Frontline, K9 Advantix, or Advantage brands (must be in original packaging)
  • dog shampoo, any brand/type
  • leashes and collars/harnesses
  • dog beds
  • FDA approved flea/tick spray for yards
  • brushes and other grooming aids
A few things I do not need:
  • choke chains (although I allow my fosters to use them, I don't use them and don't supply them)
  • prong ("pinch") collars (no 9th Ward dog uses a prong collar; these are potentially dangerous and unnecessary, if proper training techniques are employed)
  • flea collars (they don't work, and they are potentially toxic if other dogs chew on them)
  • economy brand flea preventative such as BioSpot (just doesn't work)
  • "tie outs" (In Orleans Parish, tying a dog up outside is illegal, and regardless of legality, D9 does not condone it.)

*other canned or dry food is also appreciated; all of the 9th ward rescue dogs eat premium brands (Science Diet, Natural Balance, Nutro, etc), but all brands are gratefully accepted, and economy brands will be used to feed stray dogs I am not able to take in at this time. All food for 9th Ward rescue dogs must be unopened in original packaging, but opened food is acceptable for stray feeding.

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