Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Q: can D9 help my dog?

I have had a number of folks ask me to take in dogs recently. I wish I could help every dog in need, but unfortunately, time/space/money/etc hardly allow for that. I will always do whatever I can to help a 9th ward dog at risk. Here are a few guidelines regarding my intake policies:
  • D9's intake area is geographically limited. I only take in dogs from the 9th Ward or very close by (Franklin Avenue cooridore, for instance). Thus any dog I consider taking in must be in or very close to the following areas: St. Claude, Bywater, Holy Cross, Lower 9, Florida, or Desire. Bordering areas of the 8th Ward and Gentilly Woods will also be considered, if space allows.
  • I primarily take in stray/homeless dogs. If you have found a stray/homeless dog in the 9th Ward area, please contact me to see if I can help.
  • I do not in general take in dogs that are being "rehomed" by their owners, whether in the 9th Ward or elsewhere. I will do this only in extreme instances.
  • If you work with a rescue group or shelter and a dog is brought to you from the 9th Ward, please contact me and I will help if possible.
Unfortunately, D9's resources are always limited and I am usually at capacity. Sadly, this is true of virtually every animal rescue group in the area, and in the nation generally. If you find or know of a dog that I cannot help, I will do my best to advise you and help spread the word, and feel free to contact me for any sort of help. I can always be contacted at


  1. Hello i found this beautiful lab mixed with pit about a week ago on Desire street while i was vsiting a friend that lives there he is in my house right now but i can't keep him i was wondering if u could put an add on ur website about Maxy while i still foster him. He is adorable sweet good with other dogs, cas and kids,also he is about 9 months old and very playfull....also i want to know if i could volunter once a week for u guys.. thx please e-mail me back

  2. Hello, first I'd like to say that I love and respect what y'all are doing to help the large number of stray animals in an around New Orleans! Secondly, I was wondering if y'all had a post section for rescues. I found a lovely, healthy pit puppy recently in the 9th ward. She is very sweet but because I already have two older pits whom I rescued before Katrina and work full time, don't think I can provide her with the best home. She is fine for me to foster for the time being though and is quickly acclimating to having a schedule as well as sleeping in a kennel. She gets along with other dogs and children. I was looking for any place I could post her info to put her in a loving and steady home asap. Thanks again for you good work! If anyone is interested, he comes with a leash and harness as well as a kennel. Thanks.

  3. I left a message on your voicemail but I will post here as well. I was heading up to the levee for my usual morning walk in the ninth ward where North Rampart ends.I noticed a kennel and dog bowl in the parking lot. Then I looked up on the levee and saw the cutest pit bull (maybe mix) sitting there staring down at the parking lot, assuminly waiting for her owner to return. I wasn't able to pick her up immediately because I had to get to school so I came back around lunch time. She was still there and was sitting at the top of the levee guarding the food that was left for her. I was able to coax her into the kennel and put her in the car. She is in my garage for now but I can't keep her because I already have 2 dogs. She is beautiful and sooo sweet. I think she is 6 months - a year old. She walks on a leash and is affectionate. She got along well with my dogs, too.

  4. My wife and I rescued a American bulldog/pit bull mix a year ago, almost dead from heartworms and abandoned on the street. We've nursed him back to health, and he's loyal, sweet, and a great dog. wife is now pregnant, and we've decided that we have to give him away. As much as we love him, we simply can't keep him. Any advice on re-homing? I read that that's not what D9 does, but any direction would help. And unfortunately, he has a criminal record...