Tuesday, June 30, 2009

progress with 9th Ward dogs! and info for fosters, call for donations

As you can see, Pauline is happy, healthy, and enjoying life with her partners in crime, Miss B the Great Dane puppy and Chalmette the Saint Bernard. She and her foster sisters love to play hard -- and then sleep hard. They all took a break for maybe 3 hours just now, but now they're up and at it again! The toy in the picture is destroyed now -- and I'd given it to them about 5 minutes before this picture was taken! Pit bulls, for those who may not know, are big fans of rough and tumble play, and Pauline is no exception.

Bart is learning about living with a family -- this is the first time he's had a home his whole life. I, in turn, am learning about how to successfully rescue and place dogs in foster homes. In the past, I've professionally placed dogs in adoptive homes, but it was a very different process -- see the info about fostering below.

First -- a call for donations! I don't need money, I need supplies. I have raised sufficient funds for veterinary care, but I am in need of donations for supplies for the dogs. I've already invested in a bunch of collars and leashes and some other odds and ends. But food, toys, flea preventative, and many other items are always greatly, GREATLY appreciated. Please see the 9th Ward Dogs' wish list!

Now, about fostering.

I am extremely eager to hear from anyone interested in fostering a 9th Ward rescue dog. By fostering, you can save the life of a 9th Ward dog, and in addition, you also are sending a message to the public about the urgency of the situation. If you are interested in fostering, please let me know at kellygaus@gmail.com

I have realized that I have been perhaps overly cavalier in placing dogs with fosters -- but, I'm new to this so -- live and learn, live and learn.

I am looking for the following in fosters:
  • dog experience
  • a passion for dog rescue
  • a financially and emotionally stable household
  • an understanding of a 9th Ward dog's behavioral issues and a willingness to work with them on these issues
Fosters are what keep me and many other rescuers afloat. Know that you are deeply, deeply appreciated! Here is my commitment to yall:
  • all costs of care for a 9th Ward dog will be provided (food, medications, veterinary care, whatever supplies are deemed necessary)
  • I will be honest with you about the behavior of a potential foster dog
  • I am available by cell phone, 24/7, for support of any sort
  • if things don't work out for any reason, I will understand and find a new placement for your foster
  • no foster will be sent home with any known health or behavioral conditions that may compromise the health or safety of any member of the foster family, human, canine, or otherwise.
  • I will thoroughly evaluate any 9th Ward dog and decide on the best foster placement for him/her. If you have kids, I will test the dog around kids; if you have dogs, or cats -- likewise.
  • You get to tell me what your preferences are in a foster: high energy? low energy? Big, small? Male, female? Breed preference? Whatever your preferences are, I will honor them.
Interested in fostering? I'd LOVE to have you on board. But you should know a few more things first (remember that "honesty" part, above?).

As a foster, you should expect the following:
  • Dogs of the 9th ward is selective in choosing adoptive families. You will likely have your foster for several months.
  • D9's primary rescue dog intake is stray dogs wandering the 9th Ward area. These dogs usually have either never had a home or have been stray for a long time. They are likely not obedience, house, or leash trained.
  • Most of these dogs need remedial training and/or remedial socialization.
  • Most dogs of the 9th wards are pit bulls or pit mixes. If you are unable/unwilling to foster a pit or pit mix, please let me know upfront, so that I can search for a dog that best fits your situation and lifestyle.
So -- if you're still interested in fostering, please contact me at kellygaus@gmail.com

Thanks for caring about dogs of the 9th Ward!

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