Saturday, July 18, 2009

a big day at D9!

Well, we had a lot of vet appointments this morning, and I must say, it was very interesting -- some good news, some not so good news.

First of all, now that Scout and Basil have become official 9th Ward dogs and have had their first vet appointment, we've discovered they are much younger than their rescuer originally thought -- by about half! These two great guys are just in their prime!

We also found out, unfortunately, that both Scout and Basil are heart worm positive. As this will be very expensive to treat, we are begging for donations towards this! Please contact me at if you'd like to help out. No amount is too small!

Unfortunately, we also discovered that Bart appears to have demodex mange -- the same non-contagious mange that Pauline has. He will be neutered on Monday, and will begin treatment for the demodex then. Poor Bart just can't get a break!

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