Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July: a month of trials and tribulations

I am pleased to say that in July, 2009, D9 has placed two dogs -- unfortunately, one was, err, with me! Our placements were:

DUDLEY, the black and white 9th Ward pit bull, was placed with a loving home in Boston.

and PAULINE, the red brindle 9th Ward pit bull puppy, weaseled her way into my life! Pauline is now part of the 9th Ward pack, and will soon be taking on the position of "Canine Executive Director" of D9!

That said, we still have BART, the amazing beagle mix pup up for adoption, as well as Scout and Basil, the senior 9th Ward citizens. We feel good about the steps we've taken forward, but there is so, so much further to go.

2009 has seen some other interesting developments: we have partnered with some other rescues in the area (mostly found in our links page) and started our own online store. We are also in the process of setting up monthly "meet the adoptables" days -- stay tuned for more info.

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