Monday, July 6, 2009

pretty pauline! and, the scarcity of shelter space

Look how great Miss Pauline is doing!

Above, Pauline plays with her two foster sisters, Chalmette (upside down Saint Bernard) and Miss B (Great Dane puppy). Pauline says, Check out how I took all the sheets off the bed!

Above, Pauline gives hugs to Chalmette.

Two pretty, tired out girls!

All the party girls are worn out: Chally, the Saint Bernard, is cuddling against little Pauline.

Pauline is still searching for a forever home, so if you think you and Pauline might be a great match, please let me know!

As an aside: We all know that many, many people -- too many -- "rehome" their pets for various reasons (some good, most bad). I've seen an increasing number of people, both online and in person, telling these people that they ought to bring their dog/cat/etc to a no-kill shelter or rescue group, rather than trying to rehome them themselves. Please, spread the word: there are very, very few no-kill shelters/rescues out there, compared to the number of animals there are in need. They are almost always at capacity. Simply "bringing" your animal there is usually not an option.

So, everyone, think hard before you buy or adopt an animal. There are very limited options if you decide the animal is not for you. If you can't find a new home yourself, your only option tends to be the SPCA. And while the LA-SPCA is home to many good, caring staff members, they are always full to the brim with unwanted animals, and many, if not most, end up being put to sleep. That is just the reality. People really need to realize how limited space is in shelters/rescues. Even purebred animals are frequently turned away from no-kill rescues, simply because there is just no physical space left.

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