Sunday, August 30, 2009

a 2273-mile rescue: 9th Ward pit bull San Fransisco Bound

Two San Fransisco residents came to New Orleans for a vacation. Towards the end of the trip, they decided to rent a car and see the Lower 9th Ward first hand. While there, they saw three starving dogs. Only one came to them: a skinny black and white female pit bull with a big open wound on one side of her face. The sweet, gentle girl won them over, but they couldn't bring her back with them.

Tula, as she came to be called, was taken to the LA-SPCA, but her rescuers promised to come back and get her if no one in New Orleans could take her. Tula passed the SPCA Safer test with flying colors, as so many of her breed do. She was spayed and vaccinated. Unfortunately, she tested heartworm positive.

That was when I went to meet her, hoping to take Tula into my adoption program. The SPCA, however, deemed her to be "very dog aggressive," and said they would not release her to anyone except her rescuers, who had signed up for the Call Back Program. And so on Friday, Aimee flew from San Fransisco, adopted Tula out, and brought her to my house to see how she did with my dogs. This is a very sweet little girl. She is picky about other dogs -- gets along with some and not others -- but it's very manageable and she will be a great friend for the right family. She is very lucky to have another chance at life, courtesy of some very devoted folks from the West Coast.

Tula is now travelling 2,273 miles to San Fransisco, where she will be treated for heartworms and hopeully placed in a rescue program, or else adopted out privately. Her rescuers have already spent well over $1000 on her rescue, and heartworm treatment will cost another $600 or so. So I am asking for help for Tula: all we need to do is sell 2,273 miles! Please buy miles to support Tula. Each mile costs 25 cents, so if we sell all 2,273, we will pay for Tula's heartworm treamtent! To buy miles, just send a donation to Tula's own paypal account, I know Tula and her rescuers will appreciate whatever support we can muster.

Stay tuned for updates!

The scar on Tula's face that would generally render her unadoptable at the SPCA.

Tula getting ready to set off for her first day, heading to Texas.

Tula gives SPCA behaviorist, Jordan, love at our first meeting.

Tula and Jordan at the SPCA. Tula is clearly underweight.

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