Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amber, happy at home!

Miss Amber -- now known as Mae -- has made quite a transformation! She is now happy in her new forever home, getting healthy and living the life she deserves. Mae is now at home in the Treme (hence her name) and is loving life with her new best friend, Michelle. Check out her beautiful pictures!

Can you believe this little girl, only about 7 months old, was recently picked up running with a feral pack, full of demodex mange and starving?

Look at Amber -- errr, I mean, Mae! -- hanging out on the bed! Now that's a happy 9th Ward pittie!


  1. Hi, I just thought I would let you know about something that has helped me to raise funds for dogs when I need it.
    I recently told Ken Foster w/ Sula Foundation about it and he is using it for his latest dog, Annie. I know the folks at ARNO and Lise via facebook. I so admire the work you do and for helping the dogs of the 9th ward. I hope to be able to get back to ARNO in the next few months to help again. Best, Jennifer, Alexandria, VA

  2. Hey Jennifer thanks for the advice. I actually just tried fundable -- I didn't have TONS of success, but I got to my goal, so maybe with practice I'll do better! Thanks for the support, too, I always like hearing from all you good folks. Please do try to get back to ARNO!


  3. Hey so wonderful to know that Mae is doing well. Thanks to you, she made an amazing transformation.