Sunday, August 9, 2009

T-P article and a successful Saturday!

I am very pleased to say that yesterday's "Meet the 9th Ward Dogs Day" went very well! We had a lot of folks come out and a lot of interest, and we have a couple of applications in the works. Amber's adoption is pending, which makes us VERY happy. It was also a lot of fun to have Emma join us. Most importantly, EVERY SINGLE 9th Ward dog did WONDERFULLY! They all played perfectly with each other and other dogs and were friendly with everyone. It was really a wonderful (but tiring!) day. Thanks to everyone who came out to meet the pups, support D9, and donate!

Also, Sheila Stroup wrote a wonderful article about Pauline and D9 which ran in the Living Section today. Please go to to check it out! The article leads up to our first fund raising event next Sunday, when New Orleans Dog Nanny will host a celebration of the Feast of Saint Roch, patron saint of dogs and those who love them. This will be a benefit for Dogs of the 9th Ward, and we are excited and honored! The event will take place at New Orleans Dog Nanny from 3pm-7pm on Sunday, August 16th. Mark your calendars, folks! We hope to see you there. The fun will include:
  • cocktails and other drinks for humans
  • snacks for humans
  • snacks for canines
  • dog-themed merchandise
  • Saint Roch medals for sale
  • dog wash
  • dog portraits
  • a chance to meet all the adoptable 9th Ward dogs!
All well-mannered dogs, adults, and children are welcome! Please see for a map of the location. This will be a fun event and an opportunity to show your support for D9, so please come out and tell all your friends!

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  1. Kudos on all that you are doing! TLS (and its Student Animal Legal Defense Fund) are big fans of D9 and are excited to welcome another animal advocate into our community.