Tuesday, September 15, 2009

update: the 9th Ward Puppies

9th Ward pups Dreya (yellow female) and Andy (brown female)


Good news! Thanks to Cheri, D9 has acquired a kennel! This will mean that, worst case scenario, the pups will be able to stay with us while we search for wonderful foster/forever homes for them. More good news! Much thanks to Zeus's Place for donating enough food to feed all the pups!

Extra special thanks to Earle, Emily, and Crystal who aided in "The Great Puppy Round Up" and are now caring for pups. Gold star for these super D9 volunteers!

The pups are all doing really well: eating and drinking like all good, healthy pups should, finally more or less flealess, and getting bolder, happier, and more sociable with people. It's clear these pups never had any human interaction before, but they're coming around very quickly. They're running and playing and cuddling and enjoying the life they always deserved.

We are still in desperate need of donations to treat these pups -- in addition to the complimentary vaccinations, we need to get them spayed/neutered, dewormed, vet checked, and treat any conditions they have. I'm pleased to say they seem much healthier already -- the pustules (ant bites) are gone and their coats look much better.

If you are interested in adopting, fostering, or donating, please contact me at kellygaus@gmail.com
The 9th Ward Pups' Story

Last night, with the assistance of three of my amazing volunteers, I rescued 6 puppies. The story seems to be this: Last week, the mother, who was chained in the back yard, hung herself trying to jump the four-foot chainlink fence. The woman who owned the mother consequently "let the puppies go." They were wandering around in the middle of the street when I first saw them. I have the 6, and the woman told me there was a seventh, but she doesn't know where it is I couldn't find it. They're probably about 7 weeks, no longer nursing or anything, but very scared and not at all socialized. These pups were a mess: malnourished, stunningly flea- and tick-infested, and some have sores/cuts/other injuries. They are also covered in pustules that appear to be ant bites. They are NOT showing any signs of other illness (parvo, distemper). They seem to be lab mixes. The mother was a medium-large dog, maybe 50 pounds. Don't know who dad was.

Please, please help with these babies. They're off the street, which is good, being fed and cared for. They're all being fostered temporarily, but I DO NOT have the fosters or the MONEY to take all these pups into my adoption program.

I can probably keep some of these pups, but not all. If anyone can take any or all of them, I am willing to get them vet checked and get their first round of shots. I will deworm them as well as you're getting (more or less) clean puppies. These sweet babies deserve a chance, and I really want to find them help.

If anyone can help, please respond to my email or call me at 504.259.3744. PLEASE forward to this to anyone and everyone.

Details about the pups are:

yellow female #1 -- very small and skinny, with abrasion on her face and LOTS of ant bites
yellow female #2 -- very skinny but otherwise in good shape
black male -- only puppy with slightly "fluffy" coat
black female -- very small and scared
brown female -- black muzzle, with LARGE swath of black scare tissue on her tail, maybe a burn?
brown male -- black muzzle, largest puppy, very scared of people, cuts and scrapes

Pictures include an older dog who was with the puppies (reportedly a puppy from the previous litter). I don't have him.

Please, please let me know if anyone can help. I don't know how long I can keep these babies, as I am already overflowing with dogs. But at least they're safe and getting food.

yellow female and black female with the older male they lived with pre-rescue

black male pup

Andy, female pup, next to a Great Dane foot

Dreya, yellow female pup

Dreya, playing at our house

Andy the brown female pup plays with Pauline the 9th Ward pit bull

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