Sunday, October 25, 2009

D9 updates

D9 fosters Slim and Bart attempt to play tug of war with a Kong

Thanks to Canine Connection for including us in their BARKtober Fest event yesterday!

We have several pending adoptions, which may free up a little foster space, but D9 is in desperate need of money for vet bills before we will be able to take in any more dogs. Right now we are trying to raise money for Ryda's heartworm treatment and neuter. The total bill will be in the $1000 range -- and we're only about 10% of the way there! So, we are financially unable to take in any additional dogs at this time.

I'm also trying to get the foster numbers down at my house. Even with one less dog around (my poor Remy!), having three here with me is quite a lot.

Please spread the word about the amazing dogs that we have! The current, up-to-the-moment list is:

BART: 35-40 pound beagle/catahoula mix male, very sweet, smart, loves everyone, about 11 months old

BASIL: (adoption pending) 70-pound male black and tan hound mix, very affectionate and easy going, about 5 years old

THE LADY MOTLEY: (adoption pending) 35-pound boxer/spaniel mix, female, very sweet and fun, about 11 months old

RYDA: (adoption pending) 80-pound purebred Rottweiler male, loving and gentle, about 1.5 years old

SCOUT: 70-pound purebred German Shepherd male, shy and gentle, about 3 years old

SLIM: 65-pound retriever mix male, super-friendly and playful, about 1 year old

All these amazing dogs are fully vaccinated, treated for heartworms if necessary, spayed/neutered, microchipped, and very thoroughly vet checked. Application, vet reference, home check, and $100 adoption donation are required to adopt any of our dogs. For more information about any of these dogs, please email

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