Sunday, October 4, 2009

puppy adoptions and donations needed for abused Rottie

Meet Ryda.

You'll actually have a hard time meeting him because he's very scared and will run away. If you're lucky enough to catch him, though, he'll give you some slobbery Rottie kisses.

For about a week, a very scared, starving Rottweiler had been hanging around my block. He wouldn't come to me or my neighbor, even with food incentives. I told myself that I absolutely could not take on another dog -- we're currently sorely lacking in money and space. But the poor Rottie was not making out too well -- he was limping and favoring one front foot and clearly not eating much. So yesterday morning my friend and I managed to catch him. I have now decided that I am truly insane: I have 7 dogs in my house! Yikes!

Ryda is gorgeous, sweet, and young. He is also terrified of everything. He's clearly had nothing but bad experiences with people and will run away from you when you approach. Sudden movements scare him; loud noises scare him. Even leashes and collars scare him -- in fact, anything you're holding in your hand scares him. Going through doorways scares him, and coming into the house scares him. He's getting a lot better already -- he doesn't try quite as hard to get away from me. I know that with time, love, and patience, he'll be a wonderful dog. He's truly a sweet boy: even though he's so scared and has had such a rough start to life, he hasn't shown one ounce of aggression. Ryda has not growled or snapped or shown any other sign of fear aggression. Once he finally gets the nerve to come close to you, he gives kisses and clearly wants to be friends. He seems to like other dogs and is more comfortable with them than with people. Right now he's crated in my kitchen and he just watches the rest of the dog crew. He hasn't barked, but has howled a few times.

Ryda picked a good block to show up on, and I'm dedicated to getting him vetted and helping him learn about how great life should be. But I'm currently in debt to my wonderful vet, so Ryda is in desperate need of donations. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated. At a minimum, this boy will need to be vaccinated and neutered, and he will probably need additional treatment as well. Please spread the word and help give this boy the chance he deserves!

Donations can be made to Prytania Veterinary Hospital, 504.899.2828, at 4907 Prytania, New Orleans LA 70115. Please reference "Kelly Gaus Rescue Fund." I could also use donations of Science Diet dog food for him (I go through insane amounts of food!). If you think you might be interested in fostering or adopting Ryda, please contact me. He is not currently available for adoption, and will need a very special home to help him learn how to trust people again. I don't know how long it will be before Ryda is adoptable, and his adoption will have special requirements: breed experience, special needs dog experience, and a very calm, stable, loving home will all be required. Right now he is a challenge: when you finally catch him to put a leash on him, he cowers on the ground and won't move. But with time and patience, I know he will be an amazing dog for some lucky person.

On a happier note, two 9th Ward pups went home yesterday. We now only have two left, two cute, smaller girls, Andi and Charlie. These sweethearts are now 12 weeks old and doing great. They've really learned what it is to have a true home, and we hope they'll be in their forever homes soon.

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