Thursday, October 22, 2009

Remy's Memorial Rescue Fund

Remy the Saint Bernard
rescued 2006 - died October 19, 2009

Hello D9 followers,

As some of yall know, I lost my beloved Saint Bernard, Remy, to cancer this past Monday.

I am starting a rescue fund in his name. I hope you will consider donating to Remy's Memorial Rescue Fund, and please spread the word. All funds in Remy's name will be used for "emergency rescues" -- dogs who are very sick, badly injured, or otherwise in great, urgent need. An emphasis will be placed on rescuing XL breeds, as well as pit bulls (Pauline was Remy's great love). These dogs will be from the New Orleans area, and will be the only dogs in our program not necessarily from the 9th Ward. Remy's Fund will allow us to help some of the city's neediest dogs -- and I know Remy would like that.

Remy's story is pretty remarkable. He was left wandering in rural Mississippi after Katrina. He came to me starving, with heartworms, and suffering from infected bullet wounds. One front leg was so severely swollen and infected that my vet and I were concerned we might lose the limb. Amazingly, Remy recovered entirely from everything, with only a few scars to show from his ordeal. He bonded deeply with me, but loved everyone, and touched a lot of lives and made a lot of people laugh. At the end of his life, he was generously sharing his home with three of our D9 rescues. Sadly, Remy's condition worsened quickly, and on Friday he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. On Monday, we had to let Remy go. Remy was only about 6 years old, and I only had him since 2006. But I feel like I had him my whole life, and I truly owe him my life. After Katrina, Remy was constantly by my side, helping me recover from anorexia and depression as the city struggled to rebuild.

Remy was an amazing dog, and owning him changed my life. I made some wonderful friends who I never would have met if I hadn't had Remy. Sadly, one of those friends, LJ Kerr, who owned a Great Dane, also passed away just over a year ago. A true fan of big, slobbery dogs, I know LJ would support Remy's Fund if she could.

Thank you all for your help and support, and please consider making a donation to Remy's fund. To donate, please send checks payable to Prytania Veterinary Hospital to me at 2315 Congress, New Orleans LA 70117. The above picture is Remy on his last afternoon with us. The pictures below are Remy in happier, younger days.


Dogs of the 9th Ward

Remy, tired from bar hopping in the French Quarter (2006)

Remy just fitting into his favorite chair (2008)

Remy dresses as Deuce McAlister at Barkus 2007

Remy gets ready for Carnival 2009

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