Tuesday, November 3, 2009

pending adoptions and donations desperately needed!

We at D9 are very pleased to say that two of our dogs, Ryda the Rottweiler and Slim the retriever mix, are pending adoption! In addition, we've had some wonderful interest in some of our other dogs recently. We're very pleased with this and hopeful that some of our adoptables will be going to wonderful forever homes very soon!

We are, however, in desperate need of foster homes and donations. We are still in debt to our vet, and we still only have about two foster homes. Without more fosters and more funding, we are unable to take in any more dogs.

We are working on completing our 501(c)(3) status and hope that we will be building capacity as we move forward.

D9 has rescued 18 dogs off the streets of the 9th Ward in 6 months. However, please remember that there are literally hundreds of dogs in the 9th Ward wandering the streets every day. These dogs are meeting fates far worse than euthanasia: these dogs are being hit by cars, starving, dying of disease. It is easy to forget about these dogs, hidden in an area of the city many residents never have occasion to visit. Please help us raise awareness about this very real, desperate situation. If you are able to help us, please email kellygaus@gmail.com.

The dogs below are living in the streets of the 9th Ward right now. They have not been rescued (one is deceased).

D9 rescued these puppies, but the older dog was killed
about 1 month later. He was hit by a car.

This dog is wandering around N. Galvez St.

This shepherd mix is wandering on Desire St.

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