Monday, November 9, 2009

Slim is happy at home, and D9 prepares for Tropical Storm Ida!

I'm pleased to say that Slim, our Retriever mix whom we rescued in August, is doing great in his new home in the Memphis area. He's checking out his new digs and wagging his tail non-stop -- typical Slim! We're so happy it worked out for this sweet, beautiful boy!

All the 9th Ward dogs are hunkering down here in the 9th Ward for Tropical Storm Ida. I was thinking I didn't need to secure the yard at all, but when I got home today, the doggy pool (aka baby pool) was over the fence and in the middle of the street -- so apparently a little bit of securing is necessary! Now we're all ready to watch the show.

We do expect to lose power, so I might not be as quick to respond to emails as usual. If you have any questions about D9, please email me at -- and weather permitting, I'll get back to you soon!

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