Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Introducing: Stray, Abandoned, and Feral Dog reporting in the 9th Ward

Dogs of the 9th Ward is proud to launch a new initiative: online stray, feral, and abandoned dog reports for dogs sighted in the 9th Ward. If you see a stray, or know where a stray or feral dog lives, just go to the form, give us a few details, and we will go out to check on the dog's condition and decide what we can do for him/her. If the dog looks like it needs veterinary attention, we will get that done. If the dog seems adoptable, we will do everything possible to get it into an adoption program (ours or another one). And we are also working on feral trapping options.

You can access the form by clicking on this link.

Please help us out by giving this form a try -- and of course let us know what we can do to improve this service! The sooner we learn of a dog's location and condition, the quicker we can get it the help it needs. Unlike Animal Control, we are pretty persistent and don't shrink from a challenge, so we want to know about the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you provide contact info, we will let you know what our progress is.

Thanks again! Please share this with your friends and help D9 and the dogs of the 9th Ward.