Sunday, June 13, 2010

help send the last 3 Mardi Gras pups to wonderful homes in Aspen, CO!

Good news! The last 3 of the 11 Mardi Gras puppies have homes waiting for them in Aspen, CO, courtesy of Animal Rescue Foundation of Colorado! Now all we have to do is get them there. This is really exciting because we've been trying to place these girls here for almost 4 months -- they're now 6 months old and SO ready for their own homes! N.O. to CO is not a typical rescue route, so the girls will be flyingup there. We had some airline-approved crates donated today (thanks Earle and Shoshanna!), so now we just need to raise funds.

And unfortunately, that will take some doing. But we're confident we can do it, with yall's help. Help us send Iris, Shangri-La, and Muses to Colorado and forever homes!

For anyone who may not have been following the Mardi Gras pups' journey these past few months, here's the short version: 11 adorable puppies were born under a house in the 9th Ward right around New Year's Day. Mama, Louisa, was a 40-pound lab/spaniel mix who had lived under houses her whole life. She was scared of us, but gentle. Just before Mardi Gras day, two D9 volunteers pulled all 11 of the sweet pups out from under the house. They were terrified, full of worms and flea-infested. We got them all vetted and fixed up, and over the next several months, 8 of the 11 pups found homes, but interest down here has dried up.

And worst of all, since we are completely full, we are unable to take in any of the pups in 3 other litters we know of -- all on the street, hiding under houses.

Each of the girls' "air fare" will be $215. In addition, they will need health certificates from a vet (they're already vetted, but need health certs to travel). The health certificates plus the vet check that is required will be around $50 per pup. Then we just need to buy each puppy airline-approved food and water bowls -- about $10. So, we need to raise $215 + $50 + $ 10 = $275 per puppy. That's $825 total. So! We need to get to work!

We are so excited about this opportunity, but we need everyone to step up and help to make it work. This would be so amazing for these girls, because placements here in New Orleans have been so slow lately, that it is taking us an average of 3 months to place puppies -- yes, healthy, happy puppies!

If you have even a dollar or two to spare, please send it via paypal to You can also mail checks to 2315 Congress, New Orleans, LA 70117. Please help us make this work!


  1. Hey no problem Kelly, I'm hoping to make a donation as well as looking into the food and water bowls.