Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Mercy in the Desire Area

When I'm not feeling great about life, I drive around and check on the state of the 9th Ward.

Today was such a day, and I drove into the Desire Area of the 9th Ward. I randomly decided to drive through the former Press Park Apartments -- Housing Authority of New Orleans Properties that are now the subjects of demolition by neglect, the belongings of their former inhabitants still inside them, 5 years after Katrina -- and the first thing I saw was a very pathetic looking little dog.

I see stray dogs constantly -- sometimes as many as 10 per day. But this little girl was missing half her hair and bleeding from raw, open sores. I couldn't leave her there, even though Dogs of the 9th Ward is totally out of space and even more out of money.

Our wonderful vet saw "No Mercy" today. Mercy is around 1 year old and is a very petite pit female at about 35 pounds. She has very severe demodex mange and a bad secondary skin infection. She's staying at the vet to begin treatment, and will be ready to join foster care soon.

If anyone has even a dollar to spare, we really need help with No Mercy's treatment. Our dogs come to us in such bad shape that our vet bills are constantly high. In fact, the majority of our adult dogs are -- like Mercy -- obvious abuse/neglect cases.

Please help us keep helping the dogs that care forgot.

You can donate to our wonderful vet, Prytania Veterinary Hospital, at 504.899.2828 8am-6pm CST M-F or 8am-1pm Saturday. (4907 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA 70115) You can also donate via paypal to

Thanks yall!

Dogs of the 9th Ward

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  1. I hope people help you help this dog. I just tweeted and facebooked: New Orleans Louisiana #Dogs of the 9th Ward - No Mercy in the Desire Area - #pitbull #dog in need #donate Pls RT