Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bart and Pauline updates

Pauline has been such a wonderful, easy dog to have around the house the last few days! She is so well crate trained that she hasn't had any accidents, even while I'm at work, which amazes me. No issues at all with any of my dogs or any other dog she's met. She can play a little rough, including with people, so I don't think she should be placed in a home with small children. She has been mouthing a lot less, though, since she's been getting more activity, running and playing in the yard.

Bart is at the vet and doing great. He's being dewormed, because he had quite the worm infestation and was also malnourished. He was also flea infested, but is doing much better now. Bart, who my vet thinks may be mostly beagle (although he's a real mystery mix), has beagle energy levels and is a happy, friendly, ready-for-whatever kind of guy. Bart weighs 23 pounds, but needs to gain a few. My vet thinks he's only about 5 months old -- a surprise to me! He will likely be around 40 pounds when full grown. He's a charming little guy!

If you are interested in either Pauline or Bart, please contact me at kellygaus@gmail.com

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