Monday, June 22, 2009

Bart's doing great -- and possible Pauline info

Bart's doing great and settling in at his foster home. His foster mom says he's super smart and eager to please, doing great on house training, 100% crate trained, leash trained, and doing well with basic obedience. He is a sweet, very happy, and very energetic boy looking for love, attention, and activity. Check out some new pictures of Bart. If you think Bart might be just the happy go lucky guy you're looking for, please email me at

Now, Miss Pauline -- she's doing great, getting healthy and hairy! I can't believe how fast her recovery has been. I can't say enough good things about how sweet she is, how easy she is to have around the house -- such a wonderful dog. That said, she plays ROUGH and I am unwilling to let her go to a family with small dogs or children. Pit experience is necessary!

So, the new info on Pauline: a number of people have told me (and they are people who I think would know) that Pauline appears to have come from several pit bull "blood lines." "Alligator" is the number one most common one that everyone agrees on; but she appears to be mixed, apparently. I did some research, and I tend to agree with this analysis. She has a number of prominent features that indicate her possible bloodlines. This is important because these lines are, from what I can discover, heavily "game bred." This means that she comes from "fighting" lines. Now, I sincerely believe that Pauline will be the sweet, friendly dog she currently is for her whole life -- including with other dogs. But I just want to be sure to disclose this, because some folks have been disturbed by it.

Please understand that "game bred" does NOT mean that Pauline has been fought; I see no evidence of that. It means she comes from a line of dogs that has been "tested."

Please see her lovely pictures below -- she and my girls Miss B and Chalmette are getting along famously! If you think Pauline might be PERFECT for you, please email me at Please understand that I am being extremely selective in finding Pauline a new home.
Pauline chills on my back stoop with my Saint Bernard, Remy. They are just taking in the view.

Pauline plays with her best buddy, the 6 month old Great Dane Miss B. That plus frog is their favorite!
Pauline's lovely little face!

Pauline hangs out in the garden.

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