Saturday, June 27, 2009

updates: Bart, Pauline, Dudley, and other 9th ward dogs

What a busy week!

Bart, the 9th ward beagle mix who is searching for a home, is doing great -- almost house trained, learning a lot of manners and how to live in a house -- because after all, he's never lived in a house before. Bart has lived under vacant houses in the Florida Area of the 9th Ward for his whole life. He is now getting lots of remedial training and socialization, and really starting to shine! Bart is searching for the perfect forever home with an active, patient family who can continue his training and socialization. Bart will likely be around 40 pounds when he's full grown. He will go to his new home UTD on shots, microchipped, and neutered. Bart is good with all people and dogs. If you're interested in getting to know Bart, please contact me at

Bart chillin in the yard at his foster home.

Also, Dudley the black and white pit has found a home! Dudley was found by a good citizen of the 9th Ward in the St. Claude Area, and after fostering him for 3 weeks, his rescuer has succeeded in finding him a wonderful home. He went to the vet for a full exam, deworming, and his first round of vaccinations today, courtesy of Dogs of the 9th Ward. I'm pleased that I was able to help in this way, since I was unable to take on caring for Dudley. I am also thrilled to be able to help promote responsible dog ownership and good canine/human relations within the 9th Ward. Sadly, Dudley is heart worm positive. This could cost as much as $1000 to treat. If you would like to donate towards Dudley's treatment, please contact me at

Dudley in his foster home in the 9th Ward.

Pauline, the original 9th Ward dog, is doing great. She is still being fostered at my home. Pauline had a blast last night -- I had some coworkers over for drinks, and she thought that having a full house was the most fun, exciting thing ever! She and my Great Dane puppy Miss B were quite sure the guests were really just an audience to watch them play.

Pauline is happy and healthy over all, but she has been having issues with itching. She is flea-free and taking daily anti-inflammatory medicine, but she's still itching. My vet and I have ruled most everything out, so now we're going to try a special food to see if she has a food allergy.

She's such a sweet girl. Pauline is searching for a very dedicated home with a lot of pit bull knowledge. She is a very rough player, and unless you're confident and experienced, she will likely be too much puppy energy for small children and small dogs. She's fine with cats. Pauline will go home fully vaccinated, spayed, and microchipped. She requires 2x daily medications, including oral liquid medicine in the morning and evening, and also needs medicated baths once a week. Pauline is house, crate, and leash trained, but will need ongoing work on obedience.
Pauline is getting used to the bed....
....and the couch!

In other news, I have seen record-breaking numbers of stray/homeless dogs in the 9th Ward lately. The picture below is just one example. The worst day, I saw 8 wandering dogs before 9am! These dogs need help, because many are sick and/or starving. In addition, wandering dogs are a safety and health concern for 9th Ward residents and their own dogs and cats. My dogs and I encounter loose dogs on our morning walks at least once a week. I am trying desperately to help as many dogs and people of the 9th Ward as possible. I can't take in any more rescues until I place either Bart or Pauline, or else find a new foster home. If you can help in any way, please let me know! I would love help with outreach, advertising, fund raising, and just generally spreading the word. Thanks, yall!

These two dogs were wandering last Tuesday in the Florida Area of the 9th Ward. If you enlarge the picture (click on it), you'll see that the brown dog in front has recently given birth to puppies. There are likely puppies in the area somewhere. Help me help them! Contact me at

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  1. Wow Pauline is looking outstanding, you've done a splendid job with her. Keep up the great work and I wish you and the pups well. Earle.