Saturday, July 11, 2009

if you can't keep your dog....

A number of dogs have been "dropped off" or "let loose" in the 9th Ward area lately. This is not unusual, as I have mentioned previously. Please think carefully when you are "getting rid" of a dog: there are many, many more dogs than there are homes, and your dog's chances without you aren't good. In particular, your dog is very unlikely to be "rehomed" if he/she is:
  • large (especially over 60 pounds)
  • not purebred
  • old (especially anything over 6 years)
  • black or brindle in color
  • a pit, Rottie, or Dobie
  • is unhouse trained or has any other behavioral problems
  • is sick, including having heartworms, mange, etc
Most dogs with any one or more of the factors listed above will be put to sleep at a shelter. That said, it VASTLY preferable to bring any dog to a shelter versus "letting them go." Dogs are social animals and need to live with others (human or canine), and they don't tend to do well "on the streets." In addition it is a safety and health hazard to humans, dogs, and cats in a neighborhood to leave a dog wandering there. If you are unable or unwilling to care for a dog, please try to keep him/her until you find a new home yourself; or else please bring the dog to a the LA-SPCA, even if you think he/she will be euthanized. At the SPCA, he/she will die quickly and humanely, instead of possibly starving to death, fighting with other strays, being hit by a car, etc. Pit Bull Rescue Central has some great tips on listing a dog (any dog, not just a pit), and, in the worst case -- on giving a dog a great last day. And doesn't every dog deserve at least that?

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