Tuesday, August 18, 2009

desperate for fosters!

Hello everyone, for complicated reasons, I am suddenly overflowing with dogs. If ANYone is willing to foster a sweet, gentle dog, please let me know, and please pass my plea on. Two of the three are pictured below. They are SLIM a black retriever mix who is very gentle and friendly and who was found along with MIA a smallish, golden colored female in the Lower 9th Ward. The other new rescue will be a one-year-old female pit bull. She is not in rescue yet, but will be by the end of the week. Please, please let me know if you or anyone you know might be able to help.

I'm pleased to announce that AMBER, the 6-month-old pit bull, has been adopted! She is happy in the Treme with her new best friend, Michelle. I've had a couple other very promising adoptions fall through, so please help spread the word!

SLIM, pictured above, is a very loving, sweet boy who is probably under a year old (more definite info soon). He tested negative for heartworms today and got vaccinated. I'm guessing he weighs about 60-70 pounds (again, more definite info soon). He is a black retriever mix.

This is MIA, who also tested negative for heartworms today, is also probably under a year old and might be about 30 pounds (again, more definite info soon!). She is a true mystery mix at this point, I'm guessing she has lab, pit, and something a lot smaller in her. She is a very playful, rough-and-tumble girl, but is a bit scared boarding at my vet (where both she and Slim are pictured).

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