Wednesday, September 9, 2009

D9 wants YOU!

I have been lucky in getting a lot of moral and financial support from the New Orleans community and beyond. Now, I'm asking for something else from yall (and better yet, it's free!)... I need ideas. I need suggestions on advertising, events, pretty much ANYthing that might be helpful in getting dogs placed with wonderful forever families. No suggestion is too obvious or too nonconformist -- I'm open to anything creative and different. Anything!

So basically, if you've ever had any thoughts about dog rescue and how it should be done, or if you've ever wanted to get involved in anyway, now is the time. Why? Because D9 is a new organization, and as such I'm still learning and still perfecting (or trying to perfect!) the process. Many organizations have been around a while and have a set way they do things (perfect or otherwise), and might not be open to suggestions. I, however, don't have a set way of doing things and I'm extremely open. So, please, bring on the suggestions/comments/criticism/critiques -- send everything to, or post a comment in response to this post.

Thanks, yall! Dogs of the 9th Ward need you.

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