Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ryda: good and bad news from the vet

Well, Ryda took his first ride in the car to the vet yesterday, and we're SO proud of him: he did great! He rode quite nicely and although he was very scared at the vet (he'd probably never seen so many people in one place, plus he is scared of his leash), he did great and was sweet and gentle with everyone. This is one amazing boy!

The vet puts Ryda's age at about 1.5 years and he's a bit underweight at almost 80 pounds. Unfortunately, he also has heartworms, which will cost between $500-$700 to treat. We are in desperate need of donations towards this, so if anyone can help, please let me know! The plan is to give him some time to adjust to his new life and then have him neutered, and then once he's recovered from that and the weather has cooled a bit, we'll start his heartworm treatment.

We are taking applications on this sweet, amazing boy. He will really make someone a wonderful, wonderful dog. Please spread the word, and please let me know if you're able to help out financially in any way!

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