Monday, October 12, 2009

Looking ahead to the Bywater Bark Market! and, 9th ward news

Newsflash! Next Saturday, from 9am-4pm, D9 will be at the Bywater BARK Market! This should be a lot of fun: it's the Bywater Art Market, but it benefits the LA-SPCA, and all of our adoptable dogs will be there! In addition, Jefferson Parish Animal Shelter, the LA-SPCA, and P.A.W.S. (Plaquemines Parish Animal Welfare Society) will also be holding adoption events, plus there will be lots of dog-themed vendors there. And, the top it all off, there will be $25 microchipping! If your dog isn't chipped, please come get it done -- it can really be a life saver if your dog ever gets lost.

We're especially excited because this will be our first adoption event in our very own 9th Ward!

For more information about the Bark Market and the list of vendors, please see The Bywater Art Market's website.

Please tell all your friends that we will be there. We will have 5 older pups/adults dogs and 2 young puppies there. (Our newest addition, Ryda, will likely not be able to attend, but we'll have information about him, too.) For more information about any of the dogs, please email

Also, we unfortunately broke New Orleans' 15-day no-murder streak with a murder in the Desire Area of the 9th Ward, right at the Sampson Playground, which I pass by all the time. (The Desire Area borders my own neighborhood, the Florida Area.) We love our neighborhood and are very sad about this. We at D9 remain dedicated to making a positive impact in our home area.

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