Monday, September 20, 2010

Injured -- but incredibly sweet -- pit needs help

Meet Dogs of the 9th Ward's newest rescue, Marigny, a pit found by Cheri Deatsch on Marigny Street in the 8th Ward. Rescuers across the metro area came together to make this rescue happen. Marigny's rescue story started more than 2 weeks ago when Ms. Deatsch found him, a bit ragged and flea-ridden but otherwise intact, on Marigny near Florida. Ms. Deatsch called Jacob with PAWS, who in turn called Dogs of the 9th Ward. We were full, but started circulating Marigny's pictures, and on Friday, we had found a foster spot that would be available on Monday. Ms. Deatsch, who had been feeding Marigny this entire time, was thrilled. We planned to go pick Marigny up off the street Monday morning.

Then, Sunday night, Ms. Deatsch called to say that Marigny had stumbled over for his dinner, swollen and torn open -- obviously severely injured by another dog. We'll never know exactly what happened to Marigny -- whether he got into a fight over the female he was with (who was in heat), or was used as a bait dog in a street fight, or any of other numerous options -- but Ms. Deatsch knew she had to get him off the streets, and quickly.

Jeff Dorson with the Humane Society of LA offered to hold Marigny over night so that we could take him in the morning. When Dogs of 9th Ward got Marigny to the vet, we found that he had multiple large, deep lacerations on his front legs, puncture wounds on his rear legs and torso, and numerous minor scratches on his face. In addition, one very deep puncture wound to his foot was horribly swollen up. Through it all, Marigny has been a trooper -- and sweet as can be.

Marigny is now hospitalized at Prytania Veterinary Hospital through Dogs of the 9th Ward. He is having hydrotherapy to clean his wounds and got an antibiotic injection. Some of the larger lacerations will probably need to be debrided and sutured once they are totally clear of infection. Some of them are already healing nicely on their own and will just require further cleaning. We expect Marigny to join foster care with D9 sometime later this week.

In addition to his injuries, Marigny is heartworm positive and will be treated. He has been treated for intestinal parasites and has some hair loss from flea allergies, but is otherwise quite healthy. Marigny is only about 1.5 years old and weighs 50 pounds. He is very sweet with people and is a big hit at the vet. So far he seems to be good with other dogs and cats.

Marigny is just one of a long list of pits and pit mixes who have come into D9 in the past couple months with major health issues -- and possibly as the result of human cruelty and neglect. Keem and Flea came to rescue in July, severely emaciated -- only about 2/3 of their optimal healthy weight. In August, Woadie was found by Scotlund Haisley with the International Fund for Animal Welfare in the Lower 9th Ward with an embedded collar that had caused his neck to swell to more than twice its natural size. About the same time, Dolci joined us, a pit with large chemical burns on her back which have caused permanent scaring and grey hairs in a dog who is only 2 years old. Only a few days later, we got Sweetie, a pit mix with a severely broken femur (special thanks to ARNO for sponsoring Sweetie's surgery!).

Because almost all our dogs come to us with major health issues, our vet bills are constantly high. If you would like to donate towards the vet bills for Marigny and our other stray, abandoned, and feral dogs, please contact Prytania Veterinary Hospital at 504 899 2828 (MF 8am-6pm CST, Sat 8am-1pm CST) or 4907 Prytania, NO LA 70115. You can also donate via paypal to Any amount is greatly appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who made Marigny's rescue possible, and to everyone who continues to support the rescue of the stray, abandoned, and feral dogs of the 9th Ward.

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Cheri Deatsch
The Humane Society of LA
Prytania Veterinary Hospital
all the wonderful individuals who have donated towards Marigny's care
And, to Michelle Icahn for taking these great photos

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