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adoptable dogs November, 2010

All of these wonderful dogs are available for adoption! All our dogs are found stray, abandoned, or feral on the streets of New Orleans. All dogs are fully vet-checked, vaccinated, dewormed, heartworm tested and treated if necessary, spayed/neutered, and treated for any other conditions. An application, vet reference, and adoption fee ($75 for dogs over 4 months and $100 for puppies under 4 months) are required to adopt. Some dogs have other adoption criteria (described below). Please email if you would like more information about adopting.

Thanks to Prytania Veterinary Hospital for providing the best possible care for our rescued dogs.


Dolci is an adorable, loving 2-year-old brindle pit mix female. She was found by a caring 9th Ward resident with severe burn wounds on her back. The scaring is likely permanent, but it doesn't bother this happy girl in the least. Dolci adores all people, enjoys trips to the vet, and loves to take walks and jogs. Dolci weighs about 60 pounds and is full grown. She is currently being treated for heartworms, and has about 2 more weeks of treatment before she's good as new! Dolci is otherwise healthy. She seems to be fine with cats, but is picky about her canine company and would love to be an only dog or live with an easy-going male. She does behave nicely around dogs in public, though. Dolci is house- and crate-trained. A home check is required to adopt Dolci. Pit or pit mix experience is preferred.

Thanks to Michelle Icahn for taking these beautiful pictures of Dolci!


Flea, a pit bull boy, was found by some high school students from out of state while they were volunteering in the Lower 9th Ward. Emaciated, Flea had a staph infection and heartworms. He is now at a healthy weight of about 50 pounds and is infection-free. He's got 2 more weeks of heartworm treatment and will then be ready for his new home. Flea is a very active boy who is working on manners and is a star student when it comes to training. He knows sit, stay, and down so far. Flea is also crate trained. Flea is good with most dogs, but will do best with a mellow, easy-going canine housemate. He loves all people, but is not good with cats. Flea is about 3-4 years old. A home check is required to adopt Flea. Pit or pit mix experience is preferred.

Thanks to Michelle Icahn for taking these beautiful pictures of Flea!


7th Ward Emma was found by a 9th Ward resident running stray in the rain. She is a pit mix female who has definitely been used as a breeder in the past. Now she is spayed and all that is behind her. Emma is about 3 years old and is finishing up heartworm treatment. Emma loves other dogs, is fine with cats, and adores people. She is a smaller pit girl, around 45 pounds. She is in very good health and will be 100% after she finishes heartworm treatment. Emma is house- and crate-trained, but is prone to chewing when left alone. She is a very active girl who would love to have a playful canine housemate or an active human family. Emma would probably do best with another pup to play with, as she is a bit shy when she's on her own.

Thanks to Michelle Icahn for taking this beautiful picture of Emma!


How is it possible that we still have this sweet girl? Iris was one of 11 puppies rescued from under a house in February, 2010. Her mom and all the other puppies have been adopted to wonderful homes, but Iris, now 11 months old, is still here! Iris is a beautiful, medium-sized black lab/spaniel mix. She weighs about 40 pounds and will probably still grow a bit more. She is incredibly sweet and submissive with both dogs and people. She also does fine with cats. She is crate- and house-trained and walks nicely on leash. She is shy in new situations, but will warm up quickly. Because she was born feral (didn't know people until she was 2 months 0ld), she would do best with another playful dog or two to keep her company. She is an active girl who loves to play. Iris is very healthy and ready to go to her new home any time.

Thanks to Michelle Icahn for taking this beautiful picture of Iris!


Marigny now

Marigny before

Marigny before

Marigny was found in the 8th Ward by a caring resident. He had been stray for a while, and the poor guy had obviously been severely attacked -- probably multiple times -- by other dogs. We will never really know what happened to Marigny, but he's been a trooper through it all and is so sweet and loving. He adores all people and is good with most dogs, despite everything he's been through. He's also fine with cats. Marigny is a playful, happy young guy who is only about 1.5 years old. We think he is a catahoula/pit mix. He weighs around 50 pounds and is done growing. He is heartworm positive, and he is about to begin treatment for that. He will be ready to go home after treatment. All his wounds are healed and soon he will be all ready for his new life! Marigny is crate- and house-trained and walks nicely on leash.

Thanks to Michelle Icahn for taking these beautiful pictures of Marigny!


Note: Keem is available for adoption only to a very well-qualified home. More details follow his description.

Keem is a stunning pit/lab mix who had a rough start. He was found by a D9 volunteer, so emaciated that he was only about half the weight he should have been. He also had chemical burns on his legs and was heartworm positive. He is now almost at his full healthy weight of about 70 pounds and is being treated for heartworms. Keem is very gentle and sweet and especially adores women. However, he is very protective and will protect his women from men, which is something that we are working on. He also is fearfully aggressive with animals and needs to be the only pet in the home. He is a truly beautiful dog who will flourish in the right situation.

A home check is required to adopt Keem. Keem will not be placed in a home with any other animals. Pit experience is preferred. Experience with territorial/protective dogs is required.

Thanks to Michelle Icahn for taking this beautiful picture of Keem!


Eams was found by a good samaritan at the bridge over the Industrial Canal between the Upper and Lower 9th Ward. He is a tiny little pit mix guy, currently weighing around 25 pounds (should be about 35-40). He is extremely sweet and loving with people and fine with cats. He is a bit afraid of other dogs and is picky in his canine company. He is only around 1 year old and other than being underweight is in good health. He is heartworm negative, and as soon as he's gained enough weight he will be neutered and will be ready to go to his new home.


Note: Woadie is available for adoption only to a very well-qualified home. Please see the additional adoption criteria after his description.

Woadie was found on the anniversary of Katrina in the Lower 9th Ward. He had a very tight, semi-embedded collar that had caused his neck to swell up and become infected. He's all healed up now, but still bears the emotional scars of his ordeal: Woadie is sometimes fear-aggressive and prone to snapping (especially if he feels "cornered" and threatened) and he doesn't like to have his collar touched. Despite all that, he really loves people and is also good with most other dogs. He is crate trained and learned to walk nicely on-leash. He also knows how to sit and lay down. Woadie is a dominant dog who would do best with an experienced owner. Woadie is about 2 years old and weighs around 65 pounds. He is a chocolate-colored pit bull.

Pit experience preferred. Home check required to adopt Woadie. Dominant dog experience is required. Woadie will not be placed in a home with small children due to his fearfulness. Woadie does not do well at the vet and will need special accommodations for annual vetting in the future.

Thanks to Michelle Icahn for taking these beautiful pictures of Woadie!


Miss Rosie was spotted by a D9 volunteer living at the abandoned Gentilly Woods shopping mall and hanging out by the neighboring Chase Bank. The volunteer fed her for more than a month before realizing the bad news: she was pregnant. Rosie was terrified of people and was very hard to catch; after being caught, she almost immediately went into labor. Rosie now has done a total 180 and is very sweet and friendly with people. She is a petite pit mix girl who is about 4 years old. She will be available to be adopted after she has weaned her puppies, been spayed, and treated for heartworms. Right now, Rosie is focusing on being a great mama!


Mama Rosie had 7 beautiful puppies! We have 5 girls and 2 boys. The puppies were named by some of the many folks who helped us save Rosie and her litter! The girls are: Tiana, Posey, Tilly, Calamity, and Pizza and the boys are Wyatt and Throttle. All the 7 pups are either white with black or black with white, and all are incredibly adorable! They are about 1 week old right now and will be ready for new homes when they are 8 weeks old and have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated. Until then they are getting regular vet checks and deworming. So far, the pups look mostly pit, but it's very early to tell. Stay tuned for more updates as they get bigger and stronger!


Dogs of the 9th Ward thanks all our volunteers and others who help make every rescue possible:

Volunteers and fosters (in no particular order)

Our vets
Dr. B.
Dr. Nathan
Dr. Armani
and the entire staff of Prytania Veterinary Hospital

and of all sorts of support:

Sleeping Tree Pictures
Animal Rescue New Orleans
Tia Maria Torres and Villalobos Rescue Center
Melanie Manning and Vet Adoptions

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