Saturday, July 25, 2009

Bart plays with the 9th Ward Pack!

What a happy Bart! At 6 months old, he's a sweetheart.

Pauline the pit and Miss B the Great Dane play with the always-submissive Bart.

Pauline, 8 months, and Bart, 6 months, hang out in the back yard.

Pauline chasing her big sister Chalmette, the St. Bernard.

Super Bart! This is one happy, sweet, playful puppy!

Bart says hi to Remy, the old Katrina rescue St. Bernard.

Bart weaves in and out of traffic to evade Pauline.

Bart and Pauline had a great time. Almost the same age and same size, it was lots of puppy play!

If you think Bart might be the ideal new family member for you, please contact me at Bart is a sweet, submissive and friendly boy who is vaccinated, neutered, chipped, and being treated for demodectic mange. All the other dogs pictured are part of my "9th Ward Pack."

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