Friday, September 18, 2009

9th Ward puppies at play!

9th Ward pups Rexie (front) and Charlie playing in the yard

Look at the sweet, cute babies doing SO much better! Check out their video on youtube -- adorable 5-way tug o war!

The puts are going to the vet this afternoon, and one -- the black male -- is pending adoption!

5-way tug o' war! Everyone except Piglet is in on it.

Piglet, the brown male, chills in the back yard.

The 9th Ward pups play with Pauline, the 9th Ward pit bull. Clockwise starting from Pauline: Rexie (yellow female); Zula (black female); Charlie (Yellow female); Cash (black male; adopted!); and Andi (brown female). To give a sense of scale, Pauline is about 45 pounds. She is gentle, adores the pups, and takes good care of them for me!

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